Semalt Helps To Learn SEO Easy And Quickly

To learn about ways through which one can develop SEO in 2017, they must learn several quick and easy concepts to run it successfully. At the end of it all, one should know how to conduct keywords research and analysis, learn how to build links and track all their progress, and finally, learn about content optimization.

Here Oliver King, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, takes a look at some handy tips in this regard.

To fully comprehend the SEO marketing in 2017, one must familiarize themselves with the browsers, notably Mozilla Firefox as it is the only one that Rank Checker installs on alone. Further, how to use Microsoft Excel is essential as there is a time when one will have to list keywords on it and rank them using formulas. Finally, a working internet connection.


People make search engine optimization sound so difficult. Contrary to popular belief, SEO does not require a website owner to purchase expensive software or hire an expensive agency to see it through. It is a do-it-yourself type of task. By understanding how to go about it, and how it functions, it becomes easier to make tweaks to the website to ensure that it ranks higher on the search engine results page. By doing so, there is an assurance of increased traffic as it gets more clicks and visits. Ultimately, if the website is for online business, the owner will experience some significant growth.

There are sites and courses available for students that help people learn how to optimize SEO without having to spend a dime. The most common points they learn include:

  • How to quickly research keywords that are sure to attract the most relevant audience
  • How to rework web content to incorporate other search engines other than Google
  • How to create links which redirect traffic back to the site
  • How to monitor and track the progress of the SEO

How to Master Search Engine Optimization

The course includes dozens of videos which are easy to understand, and all help to uncover the secrets of conquering the SEO practice. The videos are made available online for convenience sake. In addition to this, there are periodic quizzes, designed to help with the comprehension, and keeping the student motivated to stay attentive.

Course Overview

Anybody with a slight clue about SEO knows that the secret to successful implementation is the keywords. The course begins by looking at the commonly used strategies to find keywords which are relevant to the target audience. After concluding this, the next step is to analyze the keywords and then prioritize them based on seniority and popularity. The step matters very much as it influences efficiency. The course includes a class on how to calculate the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI).

Students, by now, will have a long list of keywords, and the next step will be to teach them on how to optimize their content. Here, the class reviews how to include the keywords in the content of the site and how to employ each of the keywords in a different page. Also, there is a session where tutors will review the differences between the major search engines.

After content optimization, the next step is to attract traffic and search engine crawlers. The course also includes a deeper look at how people can build links to their site.

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